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Clean Economy Has New National Voice

The creation of the Clean Economy Network (CEN) is long overdue. A number of clean energy, clean technology advocacy groups already exist such as the Clean Technology and Sustainable IndustriesE2Apollo AllianceACORE. But none has been focused exclusively on generating the influence in DC and in state capitals needed to compete with the lobbying might of the power, manufacturing and oil and gas industries. CEN is looking to change that by bringing together a “nonpartisan collection of professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, workers joined by like-minded professionals and thinkers from across the economy and across the political spectrum.” The goal is to advocate for policies that “catalyze clean development and create green jobs”. The group has already started making an impact, through targeted advertising (take a look at their “We Can Lead” campaign launched in collaboration with CERES Business for Innovative Climate + Energy Policy (BICEP)), regular face-to-face interaction with policymakers and bi-weekly policy briefings for executives in the cleantech sector. I am a founding member, and encourage others who work in the field to get involved.