50 Years of Wilderness – Map: America’s Wilderness Areas

There are 758 so far in 44 states, a total of 110 million acres. Wilderness areas are in national parks or on other federal land, but they have added protection: in general no roads, vehicles (even bikes), or permanent buildings are … [Read more]

Is Consumerism the Ultimate Climate Enemy?

COP21 ignores current economic growth model at its own peril. Alibaba’s $14.3 billion “Singles Day” sales frenzy earlier this month was a triumph for consumption. Chinese lonelyhearts compensated for their empty dance cards by settling in front of … [Read more]

Economy the Size of Russia’s Faces “End of Water”, World Yawns

California, the world’s 8th largest economy (bigger than U.N. Security Council member and nuclear power Russia and just barely smaller than Brazil) is on the verge of having no water left. That is according to a senior NASA water scientist, who said … [Read more]

Shell Game: why climate policy is all business

More than 70 businesses, including fossil fuel giant Shell and utility EDF Energy, recently signed the "Trillion Tonne Communique", asking governments to put a price on carbon in order to limit emissions to one trillion metric tons (we're already … [Read more]

Push-Me, Pull-You: Is the Private Sector Climate’s Dr. Do Little?

About two thirds of chief executives - 67 percent - believe that business is not doing enough to address global sustainability challenges, yet there has been a precipitous drop in the proportion of business leaders who described sustainability as … [Read more]

Cleantech: Bright Spot In U.S.-China Cooperation

Despite heated rhetoric from protectionist corners that China and the United States must compete over the massive dollars associated with the clean energy industry, some signs are actually emerging that we’re entering a phase of mutual benefit and … [Read more]

China’s Consumption Push: the Beginning of a Global Tilt

I got into the resource economy because it hit me about 20 years ago that China's one billion people had just entered a period driven by a desire to accumulate. People wanted to buy stuff, and were finally able to. It was clear then that unless … [Read more]

$1 trillion… a solution to climate change?

My 10 year old son and I were talking the other night and he asked me: "Dad, what would you do with $1 billion?". What followed was a conversation about how we'd try to invest the money in ways that had social impact (climate, child … [Read more]

It’s time for the gloves to come off on climate change

The people who accept climate change as a real threat need to accept that they have failed to get other people to accept climate change as a real threat. One climate scientist, Peter Gleick, was so desperate to expose skeptics that he lied to obtain … [Read more]

Human Health: the Cure for Climate Insanity?

While reading Bryan Walsh’s thoughtful review of a new book The Conundrum by David Owen, I noticed that the review was posted under TIME.com’s “health” section. The book is about energy efficiency.  What does energy efficiency have to do with health? … [Read more]